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Learning Management Systems

Kansas State University is in the process of upgrading from K-State Online Classic to K-State Online powered by Canvas. During the upgrade you may have courses in both learning management systems. To see your combined course list from both systems sign in to Connect.


Kansas State University has relied on K-State Online Classic for more than 16 years. While we have continuously improved this system, circumstances make it no longer feasible for us to continue to do so. Courses taught in K-State Online Classic will need to be taught in K-State Online powered by Canvas by Spring 2016. K-State Online Classic will be available after Spring 2016 in a read-only mode for export and archiving of any needed historical data.

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K-State Online powered by Canvas was chosen to replace K-State Online Classic. It has many new features such as integration with KSIS for automatic course creation. It also includes mobile apps available for Android and iOS. It also easily interacts with Google Docs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. All courses need to be moved to K-State Online powered by Canvas by December 31, 2015.

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