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Support / Readiness Test

Uh oh! Javascript is currently disabled in your browser and the Readiness Test cannot continue. Once you enable javascript in your browser, refresh this page to continue with the Readiness Test.

The following questions test your computer for the optimum configuration for using K-State Online.


Click this link and a pop-up window should open.

Did a new window open?

Yes! Allowing pop-up windows is necessary for parts of K-State Online.

You may need to turn off your popup blocker or allow pop-ups in your browser's settings.

If you have a toolbar installed on your browser from a third-party (Google, Yahoo!, etc.), it may also be blocking content. See the help files of the individual tool bar for instructions.


Do you have Java installed?

Verify the version of Java you have installed.

Great, you already have Java installed.

It appears your computer does not have Java installed. You will need to download the latest version of Java to pass this test. You can skip or retry this test with the buttons below.


Can you play the video file below?

Axio Video Player

Adobe Flash player may not be installed on your system. Install the flash player using the link below.

Get Adobe Flash player

If this message persists, contact the IT Help Desk at 785-532-7722 or helpdesk@k-state.edu

Awesome, your version of Flash will work with K-State Online.

If you could see the audio player, but could not hear anything, try turning up your speakers or unmuting your computer's volume before you retry this test. Also make sure your speakers are properly connected.

If you were unable to see the player at all, you will need to install a newer version of Flash. Download the latest version. If you continue to have problems, try using Adobe's Flash Player uninstaller before installing the newer version. You can also skip or retry this test with the buttons below.

Adobe Reader

Open this PDF file. If you are given the option of opening or saving the file, choose Open. If a new window opens, view the file, then close the window to return to this test.

Did you see the PDF document?

Terrific, PDFs will work on your computer.

You may need to install a new version of Adobe Reader. Download the latest version. You can skip or retry this test with the buttons below.