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Online help

An indexed help is available online upon signing in to K-State Online and clicking the Help link in the upper-right corner. The online help contains topics related to all functions of K-State Online. Students and instructors each have their own version of the online help.

Animated tutorials

View the full library of animated video tutorials. These tutorials are also cross-linked in the online help.

Axio Get Started Guide

The Axio Get Started Guide contains an overview of each course tool as well as best practices and accessibility information. The guide also provides information on support, training and community membership.

Axio Get Started Guide Appendices

Axio Survey Get Started Guide

The Axio Survey Get Started Guide includes best practices, as well as instructions on how to create surveys using Axio Survey.

Wimba Live Quick Reference Guide

The Wimba Live Quick Reference Guide will show you how to install and use Wimba Live. It also includes a graphic Get to know Wimba reference sheet.


For information regarding individual or group training, please visit www.k-state.edu/its/training. For self-paced training, see the handouts included in the appendices of the Get Started Guide, or review the online help when you sign in to K-State Online.